Mexico 2015

With a fresh approach to 2016 and making an effort towards my blog I wanted to start by documenting my latest adventure. In October I was lucky enough to spend a week away in Mexico with Harry, we both wanted to end the year with a nice getaway in the sun! Having heard great things about Cancun we decided we wanted a luxury getaway, so began the endless hours spent reading thousands of Trip Advisor reviews. After much deliberation and a few more thousand reviews later we decided to book Secrets the Vine. The Secrets franchise has a number of other resorts with The Vine being one of the newest resorts in Cancun.




As we wanted a relaxing break we decided to go for an all inclusive break and we booked through Travelbag. One of the things that made it easier to find the perfect place was knowing that we wanted somewhere that was adult only – and this made our selection a bit easier. Most of the Cancun hotels and resorts tend to be all inclusive so all you need to choose is your room, this really appealed to both of us as it means you’re not worrying about finding places for lunch or dinner or worrying about how much it costs. Many people think all inclusive can mean you’re restricted by food choice, but with 7 restaurants on site we didn’t get bored throughout the week.






We checked into the Junior Ocean view suite (I did say I wanted a luxury break!) which meant that we were also given preferred status which comes with a range of advantages such as having access to a preferred pool and bar area on the 12th floor. We had beautiful ocean views and a really good sized room with extra seating and place to have breakfast. The whole check in process was really quick and although we couldn’t get into our room till 3pm we were given access to the restaurants and bars, which meant by 11am we were comfortably sipping cocktails by the pool.


The resort has 7 restaurants, the main market cafe is open for breakfast in the mornings, which was incredible (despite not having baked beans!) Most lunch times we tended to grab something light at the Olio bar on the 12th floor. We managed to try the Italian restaurant on the first night, despite being incredibly tired and getting into bed at 8pm. My favourite meal was at the Steakhouse, it was incredible, probably one of the nicest meals I’ve had. There is something to cater for everyone, including a sports bar which serves amazing burgers and chilli fries. We also gave the room service a go and pretty much became obsessed with the spicy chicken wings – I can honestly say I haven’t had chicken wings that good – ever.

Most days we spent relaxing by the pool or going on beach walks, luckily during our stay it was quite breezy, there were a few showers but most of the week the sun was out and it was a good temperature. We found that towards the end of the week it was becoming warmer, but almost to the point where it becomes a bit unbearable! As much as we love the sun sometimes the sticky heat which pierces through your skin is a little uncomfortable! The resort has a lot to do so you’re never left short of activities, one morning we spent about 2 hours playing table tennis and Harry even managed to sneak in a cheeky gym session. The infinity pool on the 12th floor was incredible, especially when it was nice a quiet at 8am one morning.

We checked out the local malls, which to be honest I wasn’t expecting much from but they have some of the best designer shops and although I wasn’t feeling spendy I did eye up some stuff for my ‘If i had all the money in the world wishlist’ which is continuing to grow rapidly as I decided on a makeup ban.. but more on that later.



Tuesday was dedicated to a full day of sightseeing and Chichen Itza was top of my list. A 7:30am pick up took us on a 3 hour trip to the ruins with a stop on the way to check out a Mayan restaurant and shop. Despite the crazy weather, heatwave one minute and downpour the next we both really enjoyed out trip to see the ruins and we learnt a lot about the local culture and history too. On our return trip  we visited a Cenote called Ik Kil. A Cenote is natural sinkhole where a cave has most likely collapsed to create an incredible pool with views to the sky. Although me and Harry didn’t take a dip in the pool the views were stunning.






The highlight of our trip was probably visiting Coco Bongo, despite being someone who doesn’t do the whole “going out” thing I can happily admit this night was incredible. The club is a fusion of a good night out, visiting the theatre and going to a concert in one go, which probably doesn’t sum it up enough but you get the idea. We paid for the premium tickets which means you get seats at the top of the venue and unlimited drinks all night. The show itself was incredible and the whole night was just such a surreal experience. If you’re interested it’s worth checking out some videos on Youtube.

So overall, an incredible adventure, we made the most of our week and were quite ready to come back home, mainly missing the little monster Jasmeet! We found a week was enough to get away from it all as well being able to check out the sights. There are of course so many other incredible sights to see in Cancun and across Mexico but it is somewhere I would love to come back to in the future. Do you have any travel plans for 2016?

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Blogging just wasn’t happening in 2015, I made a few attempts but it just didn’t work out. So this time I’m not going to say Oh here I am back to blogging, because 2016 might just go in the same way. Who knows. I’ve decided that my blog is really a personal diary, so that’s how I’m going to be treating it, I’ll have less planned posts as such and more spontaneous ones and definitely more lifestyle posts. I’ll be putting up a post about my trip to Mexico in the coming days which is more rambles and pretty pictures, and besides that I don’t know what else I’ll be sharing with you guys!

I don’t do the whole new year resolution thing because it almost feels like a failing when you don’t check that tick box! I have personal goals that I want to achieve and no exercising more isn’t one of them..I just want to carry on focusing on my freelance career (which is something I want to talk about on this blog at some point!) Having started working freelance in November 2014 it’s been a massive career and lifestyle change so it’s something that will continue to be prominent this year. I have some exciting family events to look forward to this year so be sure to keep a eye out for them.

If you want to know what I get up to on a daily basis then be sure to check out my Instagram account @processbeauty I usually post something everyday, whether its a selfie or a picture of Jasmeet my niece, a red lippy or some food you’ll get an idea of what I’m up to..

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Maldives & Dubai 2014 | Honeymoon

I often say many of my posts are overdue but this one most certainly is! It’s coming up to our one year anniversary and I realised I never had the chance to blog about our honeymoon.. After the wedding I was lucky enough to be taken to the Maldives for 7 nights and Dubai for 3 nights.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.37.24 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.37.45

Me and Harry spent a lot of time deliberating as to where we would go for our honeymoon and I decided on the Maldives purely because I didn’t think it was somewhere we would go on any other occasion. Looking for resorts was actually really time consuming and I remember spending weeks on end reading trip advisor reviews. The Maldives is not a cheap honeymoon destination so I wanted to ensure we could find the best resort that was not only reasonably priced but also good value for money. I narrowed my choice down to about 3 resorts and then in the end decided to go with Komandoo Island Resort. The resort had only positive reviews for the past three years with nearly everyone commenting on how amazing the service is. The resort was probably the smallest out of my shortlist but that was something I was looking for – I wanted somewhere where we could relax and not be pestered by loads of others travellers.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.37.53 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.38.07 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.38.18 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.38.27

Getting to the Maldives for most defiantly more tiring than I thought it would be, considering we live in Leicester we stated with a drive to Heathrow airport. We flew to Dubai with Emirates which was about a 6.5/7 hour flight. As we arrived at the airport quite late it was pretty quite any many of the shops were actually closed, although we were still amazed at how amazing the airport was. We had around a 1.5 hour wait in which time I managed to pick up a pair of Raybans and as they were kids ones they were pretty cheap (can’t complain about having a small face and head now!) From Dubai we flew to Male which was a 4 hour flight. At this point I’ll admit I was feeling pretty tired. Which was’t helped by the fact that Harry managed to sleep through most of those 4 hours. When we finally arrived into Male we had to grab our luggage and head on a shuttle to the other side of the airport where they have the Seaplane transfers. I’ve got to say I was quite nervous about the Seaplane but after having to have a bit more of a wait when we eventually got onto it, it was amazing. I would highlight recommend picking a resort that requires a seaplane transfer – although you will find that the transfer might add around £500 onto the price of your holiday.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.38.42 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.38.49 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.39.05 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.39.32

The views are amazing, and you really get to see the other resorts too. The journey lasted about 45 minutes but as I was so consumed with staring out the window it didn’t feel that long. The landing did have me a bit worried but in the end it was fine. As soon as we got to the resort all my stresses and tiredness just drifted away. We were greeted with staff playing music for us and escorted to the bar where we were given fresh coconut juice. Just what I needed! It was pretty hot throughout our stay on the resort but to be honest it never felt as hot as it was, most places where I’ve visited it becomes humid and unbearable but it was just right all week.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.39.48 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.39.55 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.40.08 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.40.33 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.40.48 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.41.12

We had arrived at about lunchtime which gave us just enough time to get changed and grab some food. And let me tell you I would go back any day just to indulge in the all inclusive buffet. Believe me when I say I’ve never had so much amazing food. Obviously as it was all inclusive I felt the compulsive need to eat 3x as much as I needed, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would seriously recommend going all inclusive as it the most cost effective. We had all food, drinks, snacks and a mini bar in the room included – which was stocked daily. I think out first day was quite chilled out as we were quite tired. We ended up having an early night and not waking up until 2pm the next day! After dashing to dinner we started to explore the resort.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.41.31 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.42.36 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.42.43 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.42.51

For me the highlights of the trip included having the same waiter for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It made the entire experience so much more personal. And you felt like it was easier to maintain a relationship with the staff. He also knew exactly what we would be drinking and usually knew whereabouts in the restaurant we wanted to sit. Although the buffet restaurant was all inclusive we also tried the A la carte restaurant which was incredible! We also had a meal on the beach, which was amazing despite us both being really scared about the crabs (they’re pretty rapid!) As we stayed in a beach front bungalow you had your own private stretch of beach and as the island is not over populated you never felt like anyone was imposing on your space. In all honestly during the day you almost felt like you had the island to yourself and only really saw everyone when you went to eat. We planned a few day trips to other islands and spent one afternoon having a photoshoot. Most days we decided to take it easy and relax, walking around the island, spending more time than we needed to in the bar and just making the most of the peace and quite. After the stress of the wedding I definitely could not have gone on a action packed holiday so for me it was amazing to just sit by the pool sipping cocktails. Overall – I wish I could have stayed longer. It was an incredible experience.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.43.07 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.43.14

After our week in the Maldives we made our way over to Dubai. Starting with a another Sea plane trip to Male and then the 4 hour flight to Dubai. I don’t think I realised just how hot it was going to be once we reached Dubai, so that was a bit of a shock once we got out the airport! We had booked a stay at Sofitel The Palm, the hotel is part of a French owned chain and they have luxury hotels across the world. Our transfer was around a 45 minute car journey so it gave us a good chance to get a feel for Dubai. On first impressions it really wasn’t as I expected. Whenever I’ve seen pictures or tv shows about Dubai everything looks amazing, so I was surprised to see so much current building work going on. After quizzing out taxi driver he told us that the country was aiming to build up to 500 more hotels by 2020 for the 2020 Shopping Expo. This is something we didn’t know about but it explained the masses of building work going on. On arrival at the hotel we checked in quite quickly and were taken to our room. The hotel is huge – I can’t even remember how many rooms there were but were in room 2000 something! Our room was at the front of the hotel so we had a view of the sea, it wasn’t brilliant but to be honest we didn’t spend time at the hotel anyway.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.43.21 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.43.49

We had gone for a half board package which included breakfast every morning and then either a lunch or dinner. As we arrived late afternoon on our first day we decided to head out and explore. The hotel offers a free bus service which goes from Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab and a few other places – I can’t quite remember now. We decided to head to Mall of the Emirates and decided to shop around, I remember spotting a Inglot store and trying to explain my excitement to Harry, who just looked at me as if I was crazy. I can’t remember exactly what I hauled from the mall but I do remember heading into Sephora where I picked up a Chanel lipstick. As you so. Something I realised about the Sephroas in Dubai was that they don’t have all the brands you would see in America/Canada which was a shame. I did however pick up some Sephora Makeup and some other goodies. You’ll probably have to trawl through my instagram to see what I picked up.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.44.05 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.44.18

We decided to eat a pizza place – I honestly can’t remember the name but its right at the front of the mall as soon as you enter. Food was a little pricier than we expected but still worth it. We headed back to hotel and decided to have an early night, I have to say a combination of traveling and the intense weather in Dubai definitely knocked me out. Over the next few days we explored Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. If I thought the Mall of the Emirates was huge I was in shock when we reached Dubai Mall. I haven’t been to a mall so big anywhere – I think despite being there all day we probably still missed most of it! We checked out some jewellery shops as diamonds are significantly cheaper and picked up a nose stud and some earrings too. I can’t believe just how many jewellery shops they had, we were spoilt for choice. They have every other store you could possibly imagine. Prices aren’t that much cheaper so we didn’t go crazy but we did do some serious shopping. We had booked tickets for the Burj Khalifa in the evening, and I was glad we waited till 9:30pm as it meant we could see the city at night light with it all being lit up. The views were incredible and It gave me a better impression seeing it all sparkling at night. We had also waited for the fountain show too which was pretty amazing, I’ll have to find the video for it. Overall it was a really good day but seriously tiring.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.44.50 Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 09.45.00
On our last day I think we chilled out, we took another trip to the Mall of the Emirates and that was about it. I enjoyed my time in Dubai but I was seriously underwhelmed. It’s not what I had expected at all but then I regret not planning our days properly. I would love to return to Dubai at some point but only really for a few nights. It’s not a destination where I think you would need to stay for a week – you really only need a couple of nights to get a feel for it. Maybe in the future I’ll give it another chance but I’m in no rush to return. So that was our honeymoon! Sorry for the essay, I’m wishing my dissertation had been this easy to write!

Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette | Review 

I have a habit of seeing bloggers post pretty palettes on Instagram and then going completely crazy until I get my hands on them. With the joy of next day delivery from ASOS, when I saw they had the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow palettes available I ordered one pretty much straight away. I have an ongoing obsession with Nars which is gravitating towards the Audacious lipsticks (No I haven’t caved and bought one.. yet) so i thought this palette would be the perfect addition to my collection. I’m not a huge fan of the whole wet and dry eyeshadow trend but when I saw the swatches for these I was blown away. I loved the idea of having a highly pigmented shadow that just gave you amazing depth. It’s hard to find shadows that make your eyes really pop and stand out, and of course as these are slightly metallic I knew they would be amazing.

Are they easy to use? Not really no. Is it worth the pain? Absolutely. If you saw the current state of my palette you would probably cry as it’s a bit of a mess at the moment. I knew for a fact I was never going to be able to keep it clean. Once you start using the shadows wet there really is no going back. You can use water of course but then setting sprays work really well too, such as Urban Decay all nighter or Mac Fix +. The shadows are only easy to apply if you have the right tools, if I’m honest using my fingers probably gave me the best finish, but if you’re going for a look with more than colour this can become quite tricky. Using a flat smooth brush is the best, anything that isn’t smooth or angered or fluffy just makes a total mess and leaves you with a really streaky finish. Of course a fluffy brush is great for the bending but when It comes to applying them you need the right brush (or your fingers). I like the brush that comes with the palette but I wasn’t blown away with it, it does the job but it can be quite difficult to really pack on the colour.

I love the 4 shades to the right of the palette over the ones to the left – but saying that the palest shades make gorgeous highlight shades for the brow own or inner corner highlight. I haven’t used the palette as much as I would have liked purely because It just becomes little messy and just generally more effort that normal shadows. It’s reserved for special occasions but every now and then I do like to take it out and just stare at it. Then think I should clean in. Then just put it back in my drawer. Of course like anything from Nars the packaging is stunning. It’s sturdy but also looks amazing too. Don’t like the fact that I get my fingerprints all over the mirror finish, but it’s worth it.

Have you tried the palette?

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Sephora Cream Lip Stain


One product I couldn’t wait to get my hands on whilst I was on holiday in Canada was the Sephora Cream Lip Stains. I had picked one up whilst I was in Dubai last year but it was a nude colour that had shimmer – and as much I loved it, the one colour I wanted was the red one. You know the one I mean. Number 01 ‘Always Red’ so many people have continuously raved about this and I nearly cried when I saw it in Sephora. I’m not even joking, I couldn’t have walked out of there with only this and I was have been the happiest person ever. Obviously that didn’t happen and I ended up spending another $300. As you do.

Anyway. What to say about this expect the fact that it’s the best long lasting, matte lip product I’ve ever used. Whilst writing this post I’ve just eaten a sandwich and been snacking on food all day and drinking water and the colour hasn’t transferred anyway. It is as amazing as it was when I left the house this morning. I mean how does that even happen? It hasn’t budged, bled or creased. is this magic? I’m so so glad I got my hands on this because it is a holy grail product you need in your life. Why didn’t I get more matte shades you ask? I don’t know. I really don’t know why I didn’t just grab all the matte shades because I knew I was going to love this. It might be time for a cheeky Sephora haul soon. I really shouldn’t but you know. A girl needs her lipsticks.

Have you tried the cream lip stains?
P.S yes I do always get ready whilst wearing my dressing gown.

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Beauty Favourites

Almost everyday I’m wearing a different foundation or mascara, purely because my makeup collection is getting out of hand! I’m always trying out new stuff and pretty quickly I tend to find certain products that I start reaching for more often. I thought I would showcase some of my all time favourites and a few newbies that I’ve recently got into using.

Illamasqua blush in ‘beg’
I have a huge love for Illamasqua purely because I’m a fan of their founder Julian. I get insanely excited when ever they have a sale on and always end up overspending on a bunch of new stuff. Out of most of the stuff I’ve tried from the brand I have to say their blushes are amazing, probably the most pigmented and long lasting blushes ever – I favour them over my Mac blushes too! You honestly need the smallest amount and a good brush to blend and you’re good to go. I love this shade as I tend to go for it when I want my makeup to last all day – either parties or weddings. It’s all good in the warmer weather as it just won’t budge. I hate that with many other blushes by the end of the day you can barely see it. But this – It’ll last until you take it off.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation
This was one of those foundations that I picked up on a whim, I’d heard really good things about it and was on the hunt for a new base and thought I would give this a go. It’s a weird one because it’s not the best coverage in comparison to what I normally go for but theres something about the formula that just gives you good skin. Does anyone know what I mean? It really evens out the skin tone and covers most blemishes without feeling heavy. It almost sinks into the skin like a moisturiser but then still leaves you with a really nice glow that is very natural. It also stays put really well and I often find my skin doesn’t get as oily with this – although like with any other base you still need a good setting powder. I tend to reach for this on days when I want a simple fresh face, and more than likely when I know I’m having a good skin day! Although it’s not a daily favourite as I like something with more coverage theres just something about this every time you wear it.

Avon Luxe Mascara
My first foundation was actually from Avon, despite it being the wrong colour, too heavy and often applying it with my hands I have to say I’ve always been a huge fan of Avon. The Luxe range is something I looked into at Christmas as I thought the beautiful packaging would make great gifts. I picked up some palettes and lipsticks and then also spotted this mascara. I hadn’t really given it much of go since then but having recently started using it, I have to admit I love it. From the formula to the brush and application it just an all round good mascara. It’s gives good volume and length, and really makes the lashes look a lot more fuller. It brings the lashes together without making them look overly clumpy. I love using this on it’s own but then also layered with other mascaras too.

Makeup Revolution single shadows – Matte 
I picked up a collection of 6 matte eyeshadows from makeup revolution thinking they would be okay to work with but after having used them I can’t believe how amazing they are. I know reach for these over my other shadows as they’re not only incredibly pigmented but so easy to blend, not chalky at all and they last really well. They’re very finely milled and so smooth. I actually couldn’t believe how good these were considering the price. They make really good crease and base colours and it’s not often I go without using these.

Mac Lipstick in ‘Twig’
This time last year I probably owned about 2 Mac lipsticks but that was until fellow blogger Jigna got me far too obsessed. I think I know have around 24.. and I’m always on the hunt for the next one. I just can’t get enough of them. I prefer the more brighter vibrant lipsticks but I’ve also been giving their nude shades a go to. One I picked up not long ago was Twig. I initially didn’t think I’d like this as much as I though but before I knew it, it had become one of those everyday lipsticks I couldn’t get enough off. Paired with ‘Soar’ lip liner this combo is amazing. It gives me the my lips but better look. It so long lasting for a nude lipstick and I love wearing it when my eye makeup is a little heavier than usual.

What have you been loving lately?

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Canada | May 2015

This post is most definitely long overdue, but last month I was lucky enough to go away on a family holiday to Canada. Having never been I was incredibly excited and the trip definitely lived up to my expectations. Most of my pictures are on my camera as I haven’t had a chance to look through them so excuse the quality of these as they are from my phone.

As we were only there for a week we really had to make the most of our time. Luckily my mother in laws brother lives in Brampton so we were able to stay with them for the week. They have a stunning house so it was amazing being able to stay with them. The highlights of my trip were visiting CN tower & Niagra Falls. The Falls were just breathtaking – I couldn’t believe how amazing they looked, and as the weather was good it was nice to be able to spend some time there to really take it in. Me and my husband couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a lovely photo whilst we were there!

Heading to downtown Toronto was amazing, although we didn’t get the chance to explore and shop we were able to check out CN tower which provided us with amazing views, and as it was a clear day I got some amazing photographs. I can’t say I was a fan of the glass floor – which my husband did try to convince me to go on – I wasn’t having any of it! The rest of the experience there was amazing. Including the hot dogs we ate on the way back – which sadly I didn’t take a photo off!

In terms of shopping I was keen on hunting down my local Sephora so we headed to Sherway Gardens. I have to say I was in heaven, having only been to Sephora in Dubai which doesn’t stock all the brands you get in America/Canada It’s safe to say I went a bit crazy. I stocked up on some of my favourite products as well grabbing some new stuff. If you follow me on instagram you’ll be able to check out some of the stuff I hauled. We also headed to a designer outlet – but I can’t remember the name, luckily they had a cosmetics company outlet store where I got some Smashbox and Estee Lauder goodies. Finally I was obsessed with visiting the Shoppers Drug Mart which I guess you could say is the equivalent to Boots or Superdrug in the UK. I only had around half an hour in there so I was dashing around like i was crazy – I had no idea what i wanted to buy but ended up with some Covergirl, Orly and Physicians formula products, again you’ll find the snaps of all my hauling on instagram.

Of course I went crazy at Duty Free as well, picking up some stuff for Mac and Tom Ford, as well as some perfumes too. It’s got to be done right?

Overall I had an amazing week away and it was great to spend some quality time with the family. I would love to visit again and really get the chance to explore downtown a little more and see what else there is on offer. Have you ever been? What places would you recommend seeing?


I’m headed to the Lake District next month so I can’t wait to share that with you guys too. I’m going to be more conscious of taking more photographs when we go as I really wish Id taken more photos whilst we were in Canada!

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The weekend face

Regardless of what I’m doing on the weekend I like to mix up my makeup and do something different or try out some products I haven’t used in a while. Considering the weekend just gone was quite warm I wanted to go for a neutral look and just keep it looking quite fresh. For my base I went in with my Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation but used only a small amount as all I wanted to do was even out my skin. Considering I’ve had quite a few good skin days, this foundation has been really good for the warmer days as it really does stay put. I covered up any dark circles and blemishes with my Nars Radiant creamy concealer which I haven’t stopped using since the day I got it. I works really well under the eyes because it doesn’t crease at all but also covers any minor blemishes really well.

On my eyes I kept it really simple and used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze which has been one of my all time favourite eye products. It works really well by itself giving a lovely bronzed look but also as a base for other shadows. I finished my eyes with the Dior Mascara I got in a Christmas collection. My brows got the usual treatment using the Anastasia Brow Pomade, I really don’t venture out into other brow products as this is just perfect for me. For the rest of my face I countered with the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow which is a staple in my makeup collection and I very rarely use anything else. I also added a bit of the highlight powder on the high points of my face and the inner corners of my eyes just to make them look a little more awake.

I decided to combine the Urban Decay Naked Flushed blush palette and the Mac Plum foolery blush to add some colour onto the cheeks. I also used the highlighter in the palette and ran this under my lash line just to finish of the eyes. I am well and truly obsessed with the Maybelline Color Drama for lips. I can happily say I would reach for these over my Nars ones and if you’re looking for a great lip product on a budget these are very much worth it. I didn’t want too much colour on the lips so I decided to really blend this into my lips just to leave a slight stain. And that’s my weekend face done! It’s a really simple fresh look which I actually think would be great for work too. It gives a nice natural glow and of course you can mix up the lipstick if you fancy something al little brighter.

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Monday Manicure ft Orly Nails      

This week I’m rocking this gorgeous manicure courtesy of Orly nails. I picked up this polish whilst in Canada from the Shoppers drug mart and having applied it I wish I’d picked up some more neon colours. I’m not one to match my nails with the seasons. Nails are a great way to bring some colour into your outfit so this shade “Hey Girl!” will make an impact for sure.

I’ve had this Bourjois nail polish remover for a while and it has become a firm favourite. I know not everyone liked the idea of dipping their fingers into the pot every time for hygiene reasons but it doesn’t really bother me. I just love how quick and easy it is. Once my nails were nice and clean I went ahead and applied the Sally Hansen maximum growth base coat as since I’ve removed my acrylic nails I’m actually missing the length quite a lot. I finished off with 2 coats of the Orly polish and I love the colour and finish. It dried pretty quickly and is probably the best neon pink shade I’ve ever tried.

I had to finish with the gorgeous picture of my niece and me with out matching nails.. She always wants her nails done when I paint mine so I think it’s pretty cute we’re always matching!

What manicure are you rocking this week?

Quick getaway | Shendish Manor Hotel

So for valentines day me and my other half decided to book a quick getaway. We had originally planned to visit Spitbank Fort in Portsmouth but due to weather disruptions we had to cancel and decided to head to the Shendish Manor Hotel instead. I’m always looking for a good deal and I’ve had the Secret Escapes app on my phone for some time now. They have some great deals so it’s worth signing up for if you like traveling. They have deals for hotels, UK breaks and holidays abroad too.

As we were only away for the night we enjoyed an amazing 3 course meal on the night of our visit. There was a set menu from which we could select 3 courses. I enjoyed smoked salmon for starter, chicken wrapped in ham for the main and then the most amazing chocolate mousse for desert.

Overall the service we received at the hotel was excellent, from the moment we checked in, through to dinner and breakfast and checking out the next morning.

The hotel is quite modern and the rooms were really nice. Due to the weather we didn’t have a chance to explore the gardens and grounds but they looked fantastic. I managed to take some snaps of my food (had to be done!) and my makeup for the day as well as my dream car!

If you’re looking for a quick break to get away from it all then I would be sure to visit the hotel again. For what we paid it was perfect!

You may have also noticed that I still haven’t got back into a blogging routine – I just haven’t had a chance to get back into the swing of things yet. I’m hoping to create a plan for my blog, which will most likely include more lifestyle posts and not as much beauty. If you’re missing my makeup related posts then you can head over to my Instagram where I’ve been pretty active in posting! Go take a look @processbeauty


Perfect Lunch | Tarboush Cafe Loughborough 

A few weeks ago myself and Jigna decided to try somewhere different for lunch. I have to say the Sainsbury’s  cafe hot chocolate has to be one of my favourites but when Jigna came across the Tarboush Cafe I was quite intruiged to check it out.

Based in Loughborough city centre the cafe is described as traditional yet modern bringing middle eastern flavours to the UK. As soon as we walked in we were blown away by the decor, I have to say I haven’t been anywhere like it before. We were greeted with a smile and the service throughout our visit was excellent.

Now onto the exciting bit.. The food. I opted for the Fresh Falafel and Spicy Potato served with humous and a seasonal salad. (And a side of chips!) The chicken was marinated in a spicy paste and the heat from the potatoes was just right. I wouldn’t ever think to have chicken and potato together but the texture from the potato was the perfect addition. If you’re anything like me, you’ll know it’s not easy find the perfect chip. Crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. These chips are probably some of the best I’ve ever had. (I’m sad we couldn’t finish them!)

Overall it was a perfect lunch. From the atmosphere to the food and service I can’t wait to go back. The price was also reasonable too – for the quality of food you could happily pay more.

To find out more you can check out the website below. 

The Impulse Buy | Anna Sui cosmetics

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 20.23.35

I’d be lying if I said I don’t often go ahead with many impulse buys.. most of make up stash is influenced by other bloggers or those terrible emails that every brand sends you when you least expect it. I’d seen the Anna Sui makeup collection on quite a few blogs and originally the lip palette caught my eye, especially when it was half price on the Escentual website. I added it to my basket many times but then realised I didn’t really need it. I’m not really lip palette person and I didn’t see the point of it in my collection. The other 2 items that caught my eye were the nail polishes, originally because I loved the quirky packaging. The colours didn’t seem all that appealing until I spotted this speckled polish in Strawberry Milk on the ASOS website. It reminded me of the Illamasqua nail polishes that came out last year and I didn’t have this kind of colour so I went ahead and purchased it.

My second purchase was the lipstick in Anna Red 400. I know it’s a bit on the pricey side at £23 but Just look at that beautiful packaging. (If I bought lipsticks based on their use and not the packaging my collection would probably be half the size) I love anything that’s a little different and added this lipstick to my basket without reading any reviews or even looking at swatches. If that’s not impulsive then I don’t know what is.

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 20.23.42 Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 20.23.48

I thought the lipstick bullet was so beautiful that I even refused to swatch it. I love how the bullet twists into this star shape. I haven’t seen a lipstick like it. How amazing. The colour is quite similar to Mac Riri Woo so once I’ve gotten over my love of the bullet I will be using this. For now I just really like looking at it. Honestly my obsession with packaging needs to stop. It’s becoming rather expensive.

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 20.23.58

I was wearing this last week but I haven’t had the chance to photograph it. I think I’ll be reapplying this one day so I’ll be sure to photograph it soon! In terms of formula I really like it, I applied two coats and it was perfect. My only problem with this was that after a few days I noticed it started crack – probably my fault with the amount of dishes I’d be washing but I guess I should have also applied a top coat. Overall I love the colour and the overall finish.

If you’re after the polishes and lipstick you can get them from ASOS here and here. The polishes are £12 and limited edition so if you like the look of them be sure to grab them soon.

Have you tried anything from the range? Let me know!

Baljeet x

Most Loved | Week 1

This year I’ve decided to do weekly favourites instead of monthly ones, purely because I find that by the end of the month I usually forget what I used let alone what I loved. It also helps me mix things up a bit. So here goes my weekly favourites from last week.

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 23.50.56

My NYX blush in chocolate has seen better days, I used it daily as a contour colour but recently it’s been my go to crease colour for my eyes. No matter what eye look I do I end up adding this into the crease. It’s a perfect muted brown that helps add enough definition for a daily look. Obviously if I’m going out and I want more of an intense look I’ll usually a deeper colour. Some days I’ve also enjoyed just sweeping this over my lids for a simple look too. A new addition to my collection is the Illamasqua Vintage metallic cream shadow in the shade Courtier. A gorgeous pink with a hint of shimmer, It instantly awakens your eyes so I love using this for work. It’s beautiful on it’s own but also perfect as a base for other shadows too. I love using this with a simple winged eyeliner look, courtesy of the Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner. For days when I want a bit of colour this Charlotte Tilbury palette has managed to find itself way onto my desk most mornings. I don’t know what it is but these shades are just perfect for this time of year. Yes they are a little autumn but I love deep plum shades and running this along the lower lash line adds a bit in intensity without being too overboard for a daily look. To finish it has to be the Charlotte Tilbury full fat lashes mascara. I adore this. I really do. It lengthens, separates and makes your eyelashes look so much fuller. It’s perfect. To continue with the CT obsession this blusher is the only one I’ve reached for everyday. It’s beautiful, pigmented and blends effortlessly onto the skin. It adds colour but highlights too which is perfect. Finally, you’re probably wondering whats under the Nars palette and it of course is.. the Laguna bronzer. Yes I caved in to the blogger hype and finally picked this up. I had a feeling it wouldn’t work but I couldn’t be more wrong, contouring has never been so easy.

I’m going to try and not use too many of these products this week.. but we’ll see. I’m hoping to mix things up a bit but I do have a tendency to reach for the same things all the time. Only time will tell.

What have you been loving lately?



Elizabeth Arden Lipsticks

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 22.56.13

A few weeks ago for my birthday I was lucky enough to be gifted with a Elizabeth Arden vanity case which was full of makeup, including two eyeshadow palettes, mascara, lip liners, eye liners, lip gloss, brushes and these 4 beautiful lipsticks. I never used to be a lip person but over the past year or so I have been pretty obsessed. I go for nude shades on a daily basis, but any other occasion and I love having a bright lip.

I had no clue as to the colours I was going to get so when I opened these lipsticks I couldn’t have been happier. I love all the shades as they’re so wearable. Often I find that you when you get a set of lipsticks they tend to be quite random colours that probably wouldn’t suit anyone. This collection features 2 nude shades, a purple toned lipstick and a beautiful red.

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 22.56.20

I’m yet to try the red or the purple but I have been so obsessed with the nude shades. I used one before photographing them (blogger fail) but since photographing them I’ve been wearing them on a daily basis, over the nude lip liner which was also part of the set. The formula of these lipsticks is incredible, they’re so creamy and much more pigmented that I thought they would be. They go on really smooth and I can’t really say they’re overly matte but they do have really good staying power. I often find creamier lipsticks harder to work with as they don’t really stay put on the lips but these are quite good at leaving a stain – especially if you use lip liner. I can’t really comment on how well they last without liner – as lately I’ve been obsessed with lining my lips. If you are after extra staying power then I recommend using lip coat. I first used this on my wedding day and I have been obsessed since.

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 22.56.29 Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 22.56.35

I would have to say shade “17 desert rose” is my favourite of the nudes. It’s a typical my lips but better colour and to be honest it’s not often I find a lipstick like that, I really struggle to find a good nude shade for my lips. I teamed this up with a smokey eye not long ago and it worked perfectly.

I’m actually really looking forward to trying out some more lipsticks from Elizabeth Arden, they’re a great find. I’ve also been using the mascara from the set too and I love it. I alternate between that and my Charlotte Tilbury one and I really do love both. The mascara comes with a small brush – which to be honest I prefer as it gets into all your lashes, I just don’t get on with bigger brushes – and has a great formula. It doesn’t smudge or make your lashes stick together, it gives volume and length and more of a natural look with one coat but you can build it up. I’m yet to give the eyeshadow palettes a go – mainly because I’ve hauled so much makeup since my birthday and Christmas that I just need time to give everything a go. It’s a hard life isn’t it.

Have you tried any Elizabeth Arden makeup? I’ve been converted for sure!


The Chanel Obsession

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 19.25.40

So it all started with the lipstick that I picked up whilst in Dubai. I got a little too over excited when I visited Sephora and didn’t quite know what to pick up. When I saw this gorgeous pink toned lipstick I couldn’t resist, of course it had nothing to do with the packaging..

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 19.26.33

Since then I’ve been lusting after some Chanel products to add to my collection and one by one I started picking up some pieces. After seeing the press releases for the Christmas collection I was blown away by the highlighter.. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. I didn’t even care how it swatched the etched design looked amazing. Although it was sold out in the UK my other half was amazing enough to track it down for me for Christmas, I was blown away whilst opening it.. it’s so stunning.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 19.25.58

Having said I would never use it, I went ahead and swatched it right in the center, although I don’t have a photograph I can assure you it’s a stunning highlighter. I used it on the inner corners on my eyes and it’s beautiful. I know for a fact I always want something more when I know it’s sold out, so I’m incredibly grateful to have this in my collection. I’ve got my eye on the new blush in the latest collection.. but I really shouldn’t.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 19.26.20

Something else I picked up from the Christmas collection was the eyeshadow palette. I justified my purchase by convincing myself I needed a smokey eyeshadow palette because I had too many nude ones. That’s a good enough reason isn’t it? I’ve used this palette a good few times now and it’s my go to palette for doing a smokey eye look. I love the shade in the middle, it looks gorgeous all of the lid on it’s own. I usually smoke it up with the darker shade and highlight the inner corners with the lightest shade.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 19.26.08

My latest and probably most used purchase is this powder. I saw Ruth from A Model Recommends use this in one of her videos and knew I had to give it a go. It’s a not a typical setting powder but helps more with defining your face after you’ve applied your base. Usually when I go for a full coverage look I find that my face starts to look really flat, this powder helps bring back definition into your face as it highlights the high points of your face and starts giving you a healthy glow. I’ve used this everyday since I got it and although it’s not typically used to set your foundation I find that it stops me getting oily.. which I was quite surprised about it. I love it. It’s my current obsession. Did I mention how gorgeous it smells?

What are your favourite products from Chanel? And what should I try next? Let me know!

Illamasqua Liquid Metal Palette | First Impressions

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 20.30.06

The Illamasqua  sale always amazes me, it’s one of the few high end brands which puts on such a great sale, with many of their products being at least 50% off, upto 70% off. They usually include foundations, concealers, lipsticks and of course my favourite the palettes. I have one Illamasqua eyeshadow eye palette already which again I picked up in the sale. This time, the Liquid Metal one caught my eye. I had heard great things about the formulas so thought it was worth giving it a go – and at £10 down from £34 it’s a great bargain.

Like all the eyeshadow palettes it features 4 shades. These metallic colours are stunning, I don’t have anything similar in my collection so they’re a great edition. The formula is so buttery and soft and from the swatches you can of course tell how pigmented they are. I decided to give the palette a go on the weekend and started off with the bronze shade as a base. I worked the golden shade into the outer part of the eye. I used the silver as a highlight into the inner corners and the lightest shade as bottom liner.

I was really impressed bu the formula, I find some cream shadows really hard to blend but these blended seamlessly creating the flawless look I was after. Overall I am more than impressed with these. Can’t really say that I would want to use these on a daily base but I’ll surely be using this when I’m off out somewhere. I’m going to do some get ready with me posts soon, so be sure to keep a look out for this!

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 20.30.17 Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 20.30.24

Did you guys pick anything up in the sale? Let me know!

Baljeet x

Everyday Essentials

Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 22.07.34

Is it just me or do you often find yourself reaching for the same products all the time? With my ever going stash of makeup I only really tend to mix up my eye makeup and my lipstick, my base quite often stays the same during my daily routines. I think it’s quite easy to get stuck in a rut, but at the same time if it isn’t broken why fix it.

My love affair with Nars Sheer Glow foundation started quite a while ago now, so much so that I’m now onto my second bottle. It’s not easy finding a medium yet buildable foundation that doesn’t cling to the dry patches, has a great shade range and gives your skin a glow (without the sweaty oily look) For a while this became my everyday foundation, but lately I will admit I mix it up but after while I end up coming back to this. It’s a foundation that makes me happy. It’s easy to apply with a brush, sponge or foundation. My trust beauty blender probably gives the best finish if I’m honest. A pricey foundation at £31 but it does last ages, even if you use it everyday. You need the smallest amount as it goes a long way without being wasted.

You may think it’s weird but I currently have 6 Collection Lasting Perfection concealers. Yes that’s right, 6. I just love them. Whether it’s for under eyes or blemishes I haven’t used such a creamy concealer before. Most other drugstore concealers tend to cling to dry patches or don’t have a great choice of colours. This on the other hand smooths over any pesky blemishes as well as concealing my dark under eye circles. I honestly can’t get enough of it. At £4.19 I really don’t think you can go wrong with this. Another concealer which I reach for on those days when I want a little more coverage is the Mac Studio Finish concealer. I picked this up right before the wedding and paired up with the Mac foundation it’s amazing. It’s one for those days when you need more coverage but it really does conceal any flaws. I also find it to be really long lasting too.

Sticking with Mac my everday blush has to be Melba. It’s what I reach for most days – even when I’m applying another blush I need this first (call me crazy). I am beyond obsessed. The blush is highly pigmented and you need the smallest amount to give a nice flush of colour. For me this blush works all year round. This with a touch of highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones and you’re ready to go.

The 3 products that rarely leave my eyes on a daily base are Urban decay primer potion, Mac khol liner and Maybelline master precise liner. You can beat the UD primer potion. Honestly I haven’t tried anything that works as well. No matter what eyeshadow I’m applying they will last all day. No smudges and no creasing. There is certain days when I use this on blemishes before applying concealer. It really helps to keep the concealer in place. I’ve used hundreds of pencil liners (maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea) and nothing is as smooth as the Mac one. It’s a pure black, unlike many liners that look very dull and it glides on so easily. I use it on my lower and upper lash line. It doesn’t smudge and it’s still there at the end of the day too! The Maybelline liner is a new addition to my stash but I’m already obsessed. It comes like marker pen with a precise felt tip nib and it makes doing a winged liner so easy. I used to obsessed over liquid liner but nothing is as easy as this. I find its the quickest tool for any liner look.

Finally the product I couldn’t live without is the Anastasia brow pomade. Despite loving this I can’t help dabbling with other eyebrow products but I always come back to this. Teamed up with a winged liner brush not a day goes by when I don’t fill in my brows with the brow pomade. It makes your brows look really natural and it’s so versatile, you can create either a natural or more bold look. It’s up to you. It doesn’t fade or smudge and lasts all day. I’m all for natural brows but when I get too excited with the tweezers I leave myself in a mess, and no I’ll never learn when it comes to the tweezers. The brow pomade always comes to the rescue! I’ve even got a backup for when mine runs out..

What are your daily essentials?

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Overnight Repair Radiance Capsules | Review

Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 22.07.08 Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 22.07.17

I’m a huge fan of the Super Facialist range by Una Brennan having used the Rose Cleanser and mask before. The brand has a range of different products based on different types of skin needs. The Vitamin C range is said to be anti-ageing whilst giving you a more youthful look. These capsules are the first product I’ve used from the Vitamin C range but I have to say I’ve been really impressed. Having used a similar product before from The Body Shop I have to say these are much better. They are a little on the pricey side at £21.99 but considering they work it is worth investing in them.

The little capsules contain Vitamin C serum that you apply after you’ve cleansed your face in the evenings. The formula is very silky and smooth and almost a bit like silicone, but in a nice way. It’s not something that sinks straight into your skin but more so coats it. I don’t massage it in too much I just like it to settle onto my skin. Over night you will find that it slowly starts sinking into your skin.

I wasn’t entirely sure that these were going to work but having continued using them my skin feels much softer, there are less dry patches, it looks more lively and my acne scarring has also reduced. I would agree with the claim that they make your skin radiant as this is quite obvious with my skin. I often find that over winter my skin does look really dull due to the weather. So if you’re looking for something to give your skin a real boost I would say you should give these a go. I picked mine up from Boots and it’s worth taking a look as the range, as well as other skincare tends to be 3 for 2. You can check out the capsules here.

Have you tried anything from the Super Facialist range?


Bored of blogging?

As many of you may (or may not) have realised I haven’t blogged in a while. At first I put it down to settling back into the norm after getting married, but lately I find myself uninspired when it comes to my blog, as well as my bloglovin’ feed. Don’t get me wrong I adore a number of blogs out there but lately I find that my favourite (well known) bloggers seem to be churning out the same content everywhere I look.

My blog is my passion, not my career, and realistically I doubt it ever will be. I started blogging as a hobby and I intend to continue like that. Over the past 12 months or so I’ve seen many people make their hobby into their career, which is amazing, who doesn’t want to make their passion an everyday job? At the same time I’ve seen so many blogs become predictable and dare I say it boring. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with people being sent products to review. I’m not naive, I know how the blogging industry works and myself have been sent products for review, but what gets me is when I scroll down my bloglvin’ feed and most of what I see is the same on a number of  different blogs.

With so many blogs around, and an increasing number of  people setting up new blogs it’s quite easy to get lost in an ever growing industry. Which is why I feel my passion for my blog slipping. I almost feel like I can’t keep up with people because I haven’t gone out and bought the latest 17 shades of lipstick that came out 2 days ago. It almost feels like a competition, where you’re constantly having to compete with other bloggers to have your say. Take Christmas gift guides for example, I can’t believe the number of bloggers who have listed the exact same products, if I hadn’t told my other half what I want for Christmas I’m pretty certain I could have predicted what it would be. (On a side note if you’re looking for an imaginative gift guide check out this one by Jigna.)

I’ve always put an incredible amount of effort into my blog, and slowly I want to get my passion for blogging back, without feeling intimidated or lost. I’m sure other people have felt like that at some point about their blog.. what are your thoughts on the blogging industry at this moment in time?

Right, time to get the camera out and start taking some pretty snaps. I’m hoping my love of photography will help me get back into the swing of things..

Baljeet  x

Divine Wine from Maybelline


I haven’t really been doing much with my nails they’ve predominantly been either red or pink. I saw this in Boots and couldn’t resist.. It seemed like the perfect shade for autumn.


I love the formula of this.. its quite smooth and the application is really good. Two coats are needed though as one can look a little patchy. I like the overall finish as it has a bit of gloss look and I’m surprised at how well it has lasted too. It did start chipping but definitely lasted longer than most.

Overall I really like both the formula of and colour of this. And it it’s a great price too. Have you tried these? What do you think?


Chanel lipstick

It’s not often I splurge on high end lipsticks but surprisingly my other half convinced me to pick up this lipstick whilst we were in Dubai.




I went for shade 37 which is this gorgeous rich pink shade. I am usually tempted to go for reds but I loved how sophisticated this looked.

I’d be lying if I said the packaging had nothing to do with me buying this. It’s so simplistic and I love that you have to push it to open it. Is that weird? I must have stood in sephora for about 5 minutes just clicking the tester. Don’t judge me. I also love that the chanel logo is engraved into the side.. saying that I still haven’t used it. It’s just too beautiful to look at, I don’t want to ruin it.

I have so many amazing Indian outfits which match this lippy so it won’t be long before I go ahead and use it.. but for now I just love staring at it. It’s beautiful.

Baljeet x

Keeping it real


I’m usually very envious when I see other beauty bloggers showcase their dressing table. I quite like the minimal look myself but since being married and moving in with my other half I’ve been keeping it real. And actually for the first time I have most of my makeup ready to go rather than storing it in boxes in a cupboard.

Thanks to Muji storage I can have all my essentials out all the time. I’ve had the 5 drawer for a while but recently purchased the deeper two drawer one too. I’m very tempted to get another 5 drawer but really I need some kind of acrylic storage for palettes and brushes which I’m currently keeping in a empty birchbox. As you do.

On a side note. Yes the frame is empty.. I’m waiting on the wedding pictures!


It is a little messy and cluttered but I could tidy it and it would all be a mess again in the space of two days. Knowing me I’ll probably move stuff around in a weeks time but for now it works. Ideally I’d like an entire room dedicated to my makeup but we’re keeping it real here.


Just thought I’d leave a picture of my favourite drawer here.. heaven.

I’m going to do a full on room tour soon which will have a sneaky peak into all my muji drawers in a bit more detail. By which time I’ll have collected a load more makeup no doubt!

Baljeet x

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm


So recently I splurged and went ahead and bought the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. It’s been on my wishlist for a really long time and since I’ve been feeling spendy lately I went for it.

I’ve heard so many good things about this balm and it really does live up to expectations. It smells amazing to start with it.. I love opening it and having a sniff. Totally normal I know. You need the smallest amount and it melts straight into your hands.. I usually melt it between my fingers and then massage it onto my face. I know people rave about the cloth that comes with it but to be honest I’ve always preferred to use a flannel with cleansers.

As it’s pricey I only use this in the evenings and I use the tiniest amount and then go in with another cleanser too. I think it works really well to remove makeup especially all the stubborn mascara I wear yet it’s still so gentle.

Would I splurge again? Of course I would. I picked mine up from Space NK.. (whilst purchasing Kevyn Aucoin celestial powder) and I’m so glad I did.

Have you tried it?

Baljeet x

Weekend makeup


First up I have to apologise for the lack of posts.. but I’m going to ease myself back into it. I just need to organise my life.

Last weekend we were invited for dinner which meant getting my nicest suit on and doing my face up. I love going out to dinner at families houses or getting ready for weddings.. I feel the need to set all my makeup out before so I know exactly what I’m doing.


Unfortunately I didn’t take a selfie – blogging fail right there – but you can see above the makeup I used. My outfit was red with a green border and lots of gold and silver embroidery. I went for a subtle smokey eye with hints of gold and winged liner. I’ve been loving Mac Riri Woo and it went great with the colour of my outfit.

The Kevin aucoin celestial powder is a new addition to my makeup collection and I cannot believe how amazing it really is. It is hands down the best highlighter I have used. Well worth it!




I’m not a huge fan of wearing a bindi but with a heavy outfit it always works well.

I’m probably going to start doing outfit of the day posts too seeing as I have been doing a lot of ASOS shopping for work.. keep an eye out.

Baljeet x