Mexico 2015

With a fresh approach to 2016 and making an effort towards my blog I wanted to start by documenting my latest adventure. In October I was lucky enough to spend a week away in Mexico with Harry, we both wanted to end the year with a nice getaway in the sun! Having heard great things about Cancun we decided we wanted a luxury getaway, so began the endless hours spent reading thousands of Trip Advisor reviews. After much deliberation and a few more thousand reviews later we decided to book Secrets the Vine. The Secrets franchise has a number of other resorts with The Vine being one of the newest resorts in Cancun.




As we wanted a relaxing break we decided to go for an all inclusive break and we booked through Travelbag. One of the things that made it easier to find the perfect place was knowing that we wanted somewhere that was adult only – and this made our selection a bit easier. Most of the Cancun hotels and resorts tend to be all inclusive so all you need to choose is your room, this really appealed to both of us as it means you’re not worrying about finding places for lunch or dinner or worrying about how much it costs. Many people think all inclusive can mean you’re restricted by food choice, but with 7 restaurants on site we didn’t get bored throughout the week.






We checked into the Junior Ocean view suite (I did say I wanted a luxury break!) which meant that we were also given preferred status which comes with a range of advantages such as having access to a preferred pool and bar area on the 12th floor. We had beautiful ocean views and a really good sized room with extra seating and place to have breakfast. The whole check in process was really quick and although we couldn’t get into our room till 3pm we were given access to the restaurants and bars, which meant by 11am we were comfortably sipping cocktails by the pool.


The resort has 7 restaurants, the main market cafe is open for breakfast in the mornings, which was incredible (despite not having baked beans!) Most lunch times we tended to grab something light at the Olio bar on the 12th floor. We managed to try the Italian restaurant on the first night, despite being incredibly tired and getting into bed at 8pm. My favourite meal was at the Steakhouse, it was incredible, probably one of the nicest meals I’ve had. There is something to cater for everyone, including a sports bar which serves amazing burgers and chilli fries. We also gave the room service a go and pretty much became obsessed with the spicy chicken wings – I can honestly say I haven’t had chicken wings that good – ever.

Most days we spent relaxing by the pool or going on beach walks, luckily during our stay it was quite breezy, there were a few showers but most of the week the sun was out and it was a good temperature. We found that towards the end of the week it was becoming warmer, but almost to the point where it becomes a bit unbearable! As much as we love the sun sometimes the sticky heat which pierces through your skin is a little uncomfortable! The resort has a lot to do so you’re never left short of activities, one morning we spent about 2 hours playing table tennis and Harry even managed to sneak in a cheeky gym session. The infinity pool on the 12th floor was incredible, especially when it was nice a quiet at 8am one morning.

We checked out the local malls, which to be honest I wasn’t expecting much from but they have some of the best designer shops and although I wasn’t feeling spendy I did eye up some stuff for my ‘If i had all the money in the world wishlist’ which is continuing to grow rapidly as I decided on a makeup ban.. but more on that later.



Tuesday was dedicated to a full day of sightseeing and Chichen Itza was top of my list. A 7:30am pick up took us on a 3 hour trip to the ruins with a stop on the way to check out a Mayan restaurant and shop. Despite the crazy weather, heatwave one minute and downpour the next we both really enjoyed out trip to see the ruins and we learnt a lot about the local culture and history too. On our return trip  we visited a Cenote called Ik Kil. A Cenote is natural sinkhole where a cave has most likely collapsed to create an incredible pool with views to the sky. Although me and Harry didn’t take a dip in the pool the views were stunning.






The highlight of our trip was probably visiting Coco Bongo, despite being someone who doesn’t do the whole “going out” thing I can happily admit this night was incredible. The club is a fusion of a good night out, visiting the theatre and going to a concert in one go, which probably doesn’t sum it up enough but you get the idea. We paid for the premium tickets which means you get seats at the top of the venue and unlimited drinks all night. The show itself was incredible and the whole night was just such a surreal experience. If you’re interested it’s worth checking out some videos on Youtube.

So overall, an incredible adventure, we made the most of our week and were quite ready to come back home, mainly missing the little monster Jasmeet! We found a week was enough to get away from it all as well being able to check out the sights. There are of course so many other incredible sights to see in Cancun and across Mexico but it is somewhere I would love to come back to in the future. Do you have any travel plans for 2016?

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