Blogging just wasn’t happening in 2015, I made a few attempts but it just didn’t work out. So this time I’m not going to say Oh here I am back to blogging, because 2016 might just go in the same way. Who knows. I’ve decided that my blog is really a personal diary, so that’s how I’m going to be treating it, I’ll have less planned posts as such and more spontaneous ones and definitely more lifestyle posts. I’ll be putting up a post about my trip to Mexico in the coming days which is more rambles and pretty pictures, and besides that I don’t know what else I’ll be sharing with you guys!

I don’t do the whole new year resolution thing because it almost feels like a failing when you don’t check that tick box! I have personal goals that I want to achieve and no exercising more isn’t one of them..I just want to carry on focusing on my freelance career (which is something I want to talk about on this blog at some point!) Having started working freelance in November 2014 it’s been a massive career and lifestyle change so it’s something that will continue to be prominent this year. I have some exciting family events to look forward to this year so be sure to keep a eye out for them.

If you want to know what I get up to on a daily basis then be sure to check out my Instagram account @processbeauty I usually post something everyday, whether its a selfie or a picture of Jasmeet my niece, a red lippy or some food you’ll get an idea of what I’m up to..

Twitter and Instagram @processbeuty
Email hello@processgraphicdesign.co.uk

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