Beauty Favourites

Almost everyday I’m wearing a different foundation or mascara, purely because my makeup collection is getting out of hand! I’m always trying out new stuff and pretty quickly I tend to find certain products that I start reaching for more often. I thought I would showcase some of my all time favourites and a few newbies that I’ve recently got into using.

Illamasqua blush in ‘beg’
I have a huge love for Illamasqua purely because I’m a fan of their founder Julian. I get insanely excited when ever they have a sale on and always end up overspending on a bunch of new stuff. Out of most of the stuff I’ve tried from the brand I have to say their blushes are amazing, probably the most pigmented and long lasting blushes ever – I favour them over my Mac blushes too! You honestly need the smallest amount and a good brush to blend and you’re good to go. I love this shade as I tend to go for it when I want my makeup to last all day – either parties or weddings. It’s all good in the warmer weather as it just won’t budge. I hate that with many other blushes by the end of the day you can barely see it. But this – It’ll last until you take it off.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation
This was one of those foundations that I picked up on a whim, I’d heard really good things about it and was on the hunt for a new base and thought I would give this a go. It’s a weird one because it’s not the best coverage in comparison to what I normally go for but theres something about the formula that just gives you good skin. Does anyone know what I mean? It really evens out the skin tone and covers most blemishes without feeling heavy. It almost sinks into the skin like a moisturiser but then still leaves you with a really nice glow that is very natural. It also stays put really well and I often find my skin doesn’t get as oily with this – although like with any other base you still need a good setting powder. I tend to reach for this on days when I want a simple fresh face, and more than likely when I know I’m having a good skin day! Although it’s not a daily favourite as I like something with more coverage theres just something about this every time you wear it.

Avon Luxe Mascara
My first foundation was actually from Avon, despite it being the wrong colour, too heavy and often applying it with my hands I have to say I’ve always been a huge fan of Avon. The Luxe range is something I looked into at Christmas as I thought the beautiful packaging would make great gifts. I picked up some palettes and lipsticks and then also spotted this mascara. I hadn’t really given it much of go since then but having recently started using it, I have to admit I love it. From the formula to the brush and application it just an all round good mascara. It’s gives good volume and length, and really makes the lashes look a lot more fuller. It brings the lashes together without making them look overly clumpy. I love using this on it’s own but then also layered with other mascaras too.

Makeup Revolution single shadows – Matte 
I picked up a collection of 6 matte eyeshadows from makeup revolution thinking they would be okay to work with but after having used them I can’t believe how amazing they are. I know reach for these over my other shadows as they’re not only incredibly pigmented but so easy to blend, not chalky at all and they last really well. They’re very finely milled and so smooth. I actually couldn’t believe how good these were considering the price. They make really good crease and base colours and it’s not often I go without using these.

Mac Lipstick in ‘Twig’
This time last year I probably owned about 2 Mac lipsticks but that was until fellow blogger Jigna got me far too obsessed. I think I know have around 24.. and I’m always on the hunt for the next one. I just can’t get enough of them. I prefer the more brighter vibrant lipsticks but I’ve also been giving their nude shades a go to. One I picked up not long ago was Twig. I initially didn’t think I’d like this as much as I though but before I knew it, it had become one of those everyday lipsticks I couldn’t get enough off. Paired with ‘Soar’ lip liner this combo is amazing. It gives me the my lips but better look. It so long lasting for a nude lipstick and I love wearing it when my eye makeup is a little heavier than usual.

What have you been loving lately?

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