Monday Manicure ft Orly Nails      

This week I’m rocking this gorgeous manicure courtesy of Orly nails. I picked up this polish whilst in Canada from the Shoppers drug mart and having applied it I wish I’d picked up some more neon colours. I’m not one to match my nails with the seasons. Nails are a great way to bring some colour into your outfit so this shade “Hey Girl!” will make an impact for sure.

I’ve had this Bourjois nail polish remover for a while and it has become a firm favourite. I know not everyone liked the idea of dipping their fingers into the pot every time for hygiene reasons but it doesn’t really bother me. I just love how quick and easy it is. Once my nails were nice and clean I went ahead and applied the Sally Hansen maximum growth base coat as since I’ve removed my acrylic nails I’m actually missing the length quite a lot. I finished off with 2 coats of the Orly polish and I love the colour and finish. It dried pretty quickly and is probably the best neon pink shade I’ve ever tried.

I had to finish with the gorgeous picture of my niece and me with out matching nails.. She always wants her nails done when I paint mine so I think it’s pretty cute we’re always matching!

What manicure are you rocking this week?

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