The Chanel Obsession

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So it all started with the lipstick that I picked up whilst in Dubai. I got a little too over excited when I visited Sephora and didn’t quite know what to pick up. When I saw this gorgeous pink toned lipstick I couldn’t resist, of course it had nothing to do with the packaging..

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Since then I’ve been lusting after some Chanel products to add to my collection and one by one I started picking up some pieces. After seeing the press releases for the Christmas collection I was blown away by the highlighter.. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. I didn’t even care how it swatched the etched design looked amazing. Although it was sold out in the UK my other half was amazing enough to track it down for me for Christmas, I was blown away whilst opening it.. it’s so stunning.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 19.25.58

Having said I would never use it, I went ahead and swatched it right in the center, although I don’t have a photograph I can assure you it’s a stunning highlighter. I used it on the inner corners on my eyes and it’s beautiful. I know for a fact I always want something more when I know it’s sold out, so I’m incredibly grateful to have this in my collection. I’ve got my eye on the new blush in the latest collection.. but I really shouldn’t.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 19.26.20

Something else I picked up from the Christmas collection was the eyeshadow palette. I justified my purchase by convincing myself I needed a smokey eyeshadow palette because I had too many nude ones. That’s a good enough reason isn’t it? I’ve used this palette a good few times now and it’s my go to palette for doing a smokey eye look. I love the shade in the middle, it looks gorgeous all of the lid on it’s own. I usually smoke it up with the darker shade and highlight the inner corners with the lightest shade.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 19.26.08

My latest and probably most used purchase is this powder. I saw Ruth from A Model Recommends use this in one of her videos and knew I had to give it a go. It’s a not a typical setting powder but helps more with defining your face after you’ve applied your base. Usually when I go for a full coverage look I find that my face starts to look really flat, this powder helps bring back definition into your face as it highlights the high points of your face and starts giving you a healthy glow. I’ve used this everyday since I got it and although it’s not typically used to set your foundation I find that it stops me getting oily.. which I was quite surprised about it. I love it. It’s my current obsession. Did I mention how gorgeous it smells?

What are your favourite products from Chanel? And what should I try next? Let me know!

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