Bored of blogging?

As many of you may (or may not) have realised I haven’t blogged in a while. At first I put it down to settling back into the norm after getting married, but lately I find myself uninspired when it comes to my blog, as well as my bloglovin’ feed. Don’t get me wrong I adore a number of blogs out there but lately I find that my favourite (well known) bloggers seem to be churning out the same content everywhere I look.

My blog is my passion, not my career, and realistically I doubt it ever will be. I started blogging as a hobby and I intend to continue like that. Over the past 12 months or so I’ve seen many people make their hobby into their career, which is amazing, who doesn’t want to make their passion an everyday job? At the same time I’ve seen so many blogs become predictable and dare I say it boring. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with people being sent products to review. I’m not naive, I know how the blogging industry works and myself have been sent products for review, but what gets me is when I scroll down my bloglvin’ feed and most of what I see is the same on a number of  different blogs.

With so many blogs around, and an increasing number of  people setting up new blogs it’s quite easy to get lost in an ever growing industry. Which is why I feel my passion for my blog slipping. I almost feel like I can’t keep up with people because I haven’t gone out and bought the latest 17 shades of lipstick that came out 2 days ago. It almost feels like a competition, where you’re constantly having to compete with other bloggers to have your say. Take Christmas gift guides for example, I can’t believe the number of bloggers who have listed the exact same products, if I hadn’t told my other half what I want for Christmas I’m pretty certain I could have predicted what it would be. (On a side note if you’re looking for an imaginative gift guide check out this one by Jigna.)

I’ve always put an incredible amount of effort into my blog, and slowly I want to get my passion for blogging back, without feeling intimidated or lost. I’m sure other people have felt like that at some point about their blog.. what are your thoughts on the blogging industry at this moment in time?

Right, time to get the camera out and start taking some pretty snaps. I’m hoping my love of photography will help me get back into the swing of things..

Baljeet  x

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