Keeping it real


I’m usually very envious when I see other beauty bloggers showcase their dressing table. I quite like the minimal look myself but since being married and moving in with my other half I’ve been keeping it real. And actually for the first time I have most of my makeup ready to go rather than storing it in boxes in a cupboard.

Thanks to Muji storage I can have all my essentials out all the time. I’ve had the 5 drawer for a while but recently purchased the deeper two drawer one too. I’m very tempted to get another 5 drawer but really I need some kind of acrylic storage for palettes and brushes which I’m currently keeping in a empty birchbox. As you do.

On a side note. Yes the frame is empty.. I’m waiting on the wedding pictures!


It is a little messy and cluttered but I could tidy it and it would all be a mess again in the space of two days. Knowing me I’ll probably move stuff around in a weeks time but for now it works. Ideally I’d like an entire room dedicated to my makeup but we’re keeping it real here.


Just thought I’d leave a picture of my favourite drawer here.. heaven.

I’m going to do a full on room tour soon which will have a sneaky peak into all my muji drawers in a bit more detail. By which time I’ll have collected a load more makeup no doubt!

Baljeet x

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