Recovering from the weekend with lipstick and makeup brushes.

So this weekend was pretty busy.. with the religious ceremony I’ve really not had a chance to sit and reflect. The weather was amazing and a huge thank you to all my family and friends who helped out. I’m still recovering from the past three days but if one thing is for sure.. I think it’s finally sunk in that I’m getting married. Wow.

Today Jigna also bought me the most amazing wedding present I could ask for, besides being such an amazing friend she also gifted me with a Tom Ford lipstick. And yes I nearly died.


How beautiful!? It’s actually stunning. Like seriously. It’s totes amaze. Agh how can a lipstick be so beautiful!?

Okay. I’m calm.



You’re probably wondering how I managed to sneak in these Zoeva rose gold brushes but that is also Jignas fault. She showed them to me and I ordered them in the space of 15 minutes. These are definitely going in my wedding collection of makeup. But at £6.50 a brush I really don’t think you can go wrong.


And now I’m sat here with this mask on. I had a horrible breakout on my cheek so im hoping this will help my skin out over night. I’ve found it to be really good after the first few times I used it. Right. Time to get this mask off and do a sneaky bit of online shopping.


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