All about family

Tomorrow marks the first day of a religious ceremony called a ‘Paat’. From about 11am tomorrow until 12/1pm on Sunday priests will be reading the Guru Granth Sahib (holy scriptures) continously. We’ve set this paat to mark the upcoming wedding.

Today I spent most of the day sorting out final things at home as we’ve had to clear out most of our furniture from the living/dining rooms.



Here’s tomorrow’s outfit looking a bit creased, even though I’d ironed it (seriously!) My makeup is going to be pretty simple to be honest, a light base and lots of mascara as usual!


These were the only matching earrings I could find!

Just a quick note – I used the Soap & Glory ‘kick ass concealer’ today and it’s okay.. I need to give it a few more days but I’ve got to say it lasted pretty well throughout the day.



It’s definitely something I’ll be reviewing but I need to give it a good go first! Right, I’m definitely going to head to sleep now.. the next few days are definitely going to be tiring!


Thought I’d leave you with a picture of today’s makeup. Could it be any more simple!?


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