‘How do we not have amazing skin?!’


So today me and Jigna went into Boots, three times. Yes that’s right in the space of 30 minutes we went in and hauled some skincare. The Garnier fresh radiance scrub was on recommendation by Jigna of course and I blame Amelia Liana and Lilly Pebbles for the Rose hydrate mask and the Sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask.


I actually used both tonight because I have no patience.. the sanctuary mask is very similar in sensation to the Body shop warming mineral mask.. but I did like it. I finished of with the hydrate mask (double mask times?!).. I like both but I’ll need to use them a few times to get a real opinion!


How cool am I?


And this also happened.. can you tell Soap & Glory was on 3 for 2. More about these later though!

So yeah this is what happens when you get stressed at work.. you splurge on skincare in Boots.. I have no regrets though! Time to get some much needed sleep but I might just catch up on Made in Chelsea first.


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