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I’m always looking for new ways to mix things up a bit on my blog so I decided to dedicate Monday mornings to my nails. Couldn’t think of a better way to start the week knowing I’ve got my nails done. I usually keep my nail polish for a week, so Sundays are dedicated to doing my nails – did you think I actually did my nails on Monday morning?! – I love having a new nail colour every week and although for a while I kept my nails bare I’m back onto the nail polish hype.

On my nails this week is this gorgeous shade Beach Cruise-r by China Glaze. This my first every China Glaze nail polish and I picked it up for £4.95 from Blush Beauty Box It’s one of those colours that really stood out on the shelf amongst all the other shades. I don’t have anything like it in my collection, so it’s nice to try a different colour. In terms of formula I was actually really surprised, I expected a really glossy finish (I’ve been wearing the Barry M Hi-Shine polishes too much) but it was in fact a kind of matte/metallic kind of finish. I don’t know how well that comes across in the picture. I put on three coats but that’s pretty normal for me and I love how vibrant the colour looks, especially as I haven’t worn a colour like it before.

For £4.95 I think it’s a great price, especially as you get 14ml. I also picked up another China Glaze nail polish but more on that later.. Overall I’m loving both the brand and the colour, can you tell I’m itching to get some more China Glaze nail polishes already!

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