REN Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser | Review

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I’ve been on a real cleanser hype lately, I’m on a mission to have a better skincare routine so it’s meant that I’m really trying to focus on products that are working well for my skin. I’ve been loving both the Super Facialist Rose Cleanser and the Balm Cleanser by Botanics. As with many of the other products that my friend Jigna recommends to me, she told me I had to try this. It obviously didn’t take much convincing and before you know it I had purchased this.

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Besides the information that Jigna had given to me I thought that seeing as this was primarily a clay cleanser that the formula would be quite thick, almost like a texture that you would expect a face mask to be. I was however quite surprised as the formula is very light and very smooth, not what I would expect from a product that has clay. It instantly turns milky when you apply it to your skin and it’s very soft and soothing on the skin. Like with many products that I use I like getting the sensation that the product is actually working on my skin and I can feel that when I use this. It’s almost like giving your skin a deep clean whilst being very gentle at the same time. I tend to take one pump as directed and massage this onto my face, I then use a face cloth to wipe it away. I’ve only used this for about a week and I started off using it every day, I do think that it did make my skin a little bit too sensitive and that using it twice a day every day was maybe a bit too much. I prefer to use this on alternate evenings now, so I end up having a triple cleanse every other night, which of course makes my skin feel amazing.

Out of all the cleansers I own I think this one has real impact, it’s the one that really gives my skin a deep clean but also keeps it very hydrated, it doesn’t strip away the skin or leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable. I still get break outs and spots, I’m yet to discover the magic product that is going to give me flawless skin over night, but the cleanser has made a real difference for sure, as I’ve noticed my skin has been looking much better. I did think it smelt a bit weird at first just because I am very picky about the smell of products if I’m using them on my face, it’s not unpleasant but just not what you expect either. I’ve gotten used to the smell and to be honest it doesn’t really bother me now, I think I just prefer things to smell nice and fresh instead.

Priced at £18 I do think it is pricey, but the fact that it works makes it worth it, after all you need to invest in good skincare. I love that it comes with a pump, especially as one pump is the perfect amount. I also love that you can see how much product you have left, which is always useful! This is my first REN product but I am really blown away, I wish I’d tried this cleanser sooner! I think a REN mask is on the shopping list next. Any recommendations? You can check out the REN Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser here.

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