In Progress | The Holiday Makeup Bag

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You may have noticed I’ve been splurging on a lot of new makeup recently, not there’s anything surprising about that to be honest. I’ve bought a lot of makeup recently that’s gone into a stash under my bed. Crazy? I know. I’m saving a lot of new makeup for after I get married, because there’s something special about using makeup for the first time. (Surely you must agree?) Most of my makeup has gone into a No7 makeup case that I picked up from Boots, and the rest has been going into this makeup bag from Next.

I bought the Nars Adult Content Blush palette with the intention of taking it away with me on my honeymoon after the wedding. It’s the perfect palette for travel and saves me taking loads of individual blushes. And lets face it, most of the time I’m going to be on the beach and I’ll only really do my makeup for dinner in the evenings. You all know how obsessed I am with my brows so I thought the HD Brows palette would also be ideal, especially as it has the two lighter colours as well. Again it’s easy and convenient for travel. I picked this single eyeshadow from L’Oreal purely because I love the colour. I think it will look great as base colour on my lids but also great for highlighting the inner corners if I go for a more dramatic look.

When I first saw the Nars lipstick in Roman Holiday I instantly knew it would go in my holiday makeup bag. It’s the perfect pink, that doesn’t look overly garish and unlike most pink lipsticks it suits my skin tone really well. To compliment the lipstick I went for the Nars lip gloss in ‘Orgasm’ I think it’s great on it’s own as well as teamed up with the lipstick too. I’ve really been loving certain lip combos lately. Finally the illuminator from Nars just screams holiday essential. And considering there was already quite a bit of Nars in the bag I thought I might as well carry on the obsession.

As the title of this post suggest, I’m still in progress with my makeup bag, I need a decent waterproof mascara and a small eyeshadow palette too. And not to mention some brushes and probably a tinted moisturiser too. I was tempted to take the naked palette but to be honest I’d rather have a small quad. Might be tempted to add the Illamasqua ‘Fatale’ Palette as it’s got the perfect mix of bright and natural tones. What do you guys think I’m missing? And do you have any essential holiday makeup recommendations?

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