Are you a #Narsissist?

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I’ve always admired Nars as a brand, not many brands can get away with matte black packaging, sleek typographic design and killer products. For me Nars products are a treat, they’re products you save up for, and fall in love with when they arrive. It’s only recently that I’ve been converted to Nars, for a long time I really didn’t want to splurge.  A few months ago I got the velvet matte pencil in Dolce Vita and I wore it nearly every day whilst I was away in India. It’s amazing. It’s not long before I invest in another velvet matte pencil, any recommendations? Because really I want them all.

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Recently I got a lovely message from the Nars team saying they would like to send me a few products for being such a valued customer. I was overwhelmed. I actually couldn’t wait. I was lucky enough to be sent the blush in ‘New Attitude’ a sheer hot pink lipgloss in ‘Easy Lover’ and finally the 413 BLKR Illuminator. I instantly added the illuminator into my holiday makeup bag as I know it will be perfect whilst I’m away. The blush is beautiful, besides my Adult Content blush palette this is my first single Nars blush and oh my it is gorgeous. When I first saw the gloss I thought it was going to be incredibly bright but it’s very sheer. The formula is amazing, not sticky, glides on and makes the lips look fuller. What more could you want?

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A huge thank you to Nars for sending me these goodies. I can’t wait to add them to my collection. What are your favourite Nars products? I’m after the Laguna bronzer but as I’m meant to be on a spending ban I might just hold off for a while…


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