My makeup essentials

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Over time I notice myself reaching for the same products, I guess it’s easy for me to be in a routine, especially as I’m really not a morning person. I love knowing that my essential items are ready and waiting for me. Since I got my Muji storage the first two drawers have pretty much been dedicated to my everyday makeup items. It’s no surprise that my Bourjois Healthy Mix has made and appearance in this post. It is to this day, my favourite high street foundation. I think having a good base product is important, as no matter what happens you’ve got to be comfortable with your skin. Everything else you can mix up how you like. For me my eyebrows are the second most important, I could wear no mascara, or any other makeup but my brows have got to be filled in. I usually turn to my Urban Decay Basics palette for this. (That’s why I’ve finally hit pan – sobs – ) Your brows frame your face. Get them right.

So base and brows done, everything else varies everyday.. For work I’ll either keep it basic or really go for it. On a weekend, I go for it. My current mascara of choice is the Maybelline Big Eyes. Let me tell you, I hate the big brush. I only use the smaller brush that is for lower lashes, but of course use it on my top lashes too. The big brush does nothing except clump my lashes together in a horrible mess. Keeping with Maybelline, the Color Tattoos are pretty amazing, and you really can’t go wrong with On and On Bronze. A little bit applied on your lids really brightens your eyes and looks like you’ve made a real effort, yet it’s so easy. And my favourite thing about it – it doesn’t budge. If I was making a little more effort I’d reach for the Basics palette and maybe add some colour to my crease. If nothing else you can’t go wrong with a bit of liquid liner.

It always surprises people when I say I don’t always wear blush. I love it, I really do, but I love a contoured look more. I’ll reach for my Gale Hayman bronzer before a blush any day. I don’t know why but for every day for me, it’s either blush or contour. I can’t do both. Of course if I’m going out I go for both but tone it down. No one want’s to look like a creepy clown. Finally I think highlighting is so important, it really lifts your face and stops it looking so flat. I use this mini Benefit Sunbeam sample I got for most days but when I want something a bit more special it has to be Illamasqua Gleam. You need it in your life.

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 13.22.50 Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 13.23.45

I don’t normally showcase my face very much, so enjoy this moment while it lasts. And there’s a cheeky before and after too. Yes my brows are a mess. And yes I’m trying to do something about it.


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