The Body Shop Vitamin E Range | Review

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It’s not often that I feel the need to buy more than one product from a range, usually because there’s only ever one product that I find really works for me and usually I’m happy with just that. On this occasion I’ve really been drawn to the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop. I know it’s not always relevant but I have to mention how much I love the branding and packaging. And yes I still buy stuff if I think it looks pretty. I love the pink colour especially because it matches the other stuff on my dressing table.. but of course that’s not the only reason that I’m loving it right now.

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Vitamin E Moisture Cream £10.00
I’ve been trying to phase out using my E45 moisturiser and I wanted something that was hydrating and not greasy on my skin. Considering I had already tried some other Vitamin E products I thought I would give this a go. My instant impressions were that it was quite cooling on the skin, it felt very refreshing and really sinks into the skin. It smells nice which is always a bonus because there is nothing I hate more than wearing a product on your face that you cant stand the smell off. The formula isn’t as creamy as i thought it would be which is a shame but at the same time It has kept my skin quite hydrated and it’s fine to wear under makeup too. Saying that I feel like because there is a lot of products in my skincare routine at the moment this isn’t something I reach for regularly enough so based on that I’m not sure I would repurchase again. I know of course I’ll finish this tub off, it might just take a while though.

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Vitamin E Eye Cream £10.00
I’ve been through my fair share of eye creams and to be honest nothing has ever really worked, I’ve got through whole tubes of eye cream and not noticed any difference at all. Since using this I guess my under eyes have felt a lot more nourished, they tend to get very dry and flaky but since using this I’ve been able to wear concealer without having to worry how it looks. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it helps with the dark circles but the puffiness has actually reduced a lot and I never expected it to work as well as it has done. I would actually repurchase this but I took the plunge and purchased the Una Brennan Vitamin C eye cream.. Lets see who wins the battle of the Vitamins.

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Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil £12.00
I originally purchased the Vitamin E oil before going ahead and trying out the Serum-In-Oil. I actually really liked the original oil but I thought this would work a little bit better. I imagine it would be much thicker but the consistency is just about right and it feels so good on the skin, instantly absorbs and doesn’t feel greasy at all. I don’t use this every day, I tend to apply it maybe 2-3 times a week, but when I do I apply a generous amount and I feel that it makes my skin feel so much softer and smoother in the mornings. I’ve noticed my skin is less dry now and overall just looks more healthy. This is something I know I’ll be repurchasing for sure.

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