Liquid Liner Love from Lakme

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 21.53.51 Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 21.53.56My friend Jigna certainly gets her fair share of mentions on my blog and today is no different. She introduced me to Lakme and said I had to try it when I went to India. It was quite hard to track down the liner in the first place and it was a shame they didn’t have any other Lakme products either. Beauty really wasn’t a priority whilst I was India, which was a shame. But anyway, I managed to get hold of this liner and I cannot believe just how much I love it. The applicator is so thin which means you can get such a precise line (providing you don’t get the shakes!) I’m always worried that liquid liner sometimes look a bit wet, which can work most of the time but to be honest I prefer my eyeliner to look matte. The formula is quite runny but as soon as your apply it, it does dry quite quickly, which is always useful when you’re in a rush. I just love how thin or thick you can make the line and I can’t believe how neat it looks. I used to dread applying liner because it never looked the same for both eyes but with this liner, it makes it so much easier. I haven’t used any other cream or liquid liner since i got this. Love it.

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