India, Shopping, Tanning and back to reality.

Sorry for the lack of posts on my blog, I only ever managed to scheduled a few posts and although I got back on the 17th, it’s been harder than I thought getting back into the swing of things. I had such an incredible time in India and although i didn’t think I would enjoy it that much I ended up really falling in love with the country whilst I was there. I was lucky enough to spend most days shopping with my gran and my mum so I can’t really complain too much! I’m so glad I’ve got nearly all my wedding shopping done, although it was a hectic 2 and a half weeks away I manage to buy pretty much everything I needed.

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 18.27.22

Most people think it’s crazy that I went over 4000 miles away to do some shopping, but in all honesty stuff is still considerably cheaper over there and more than anything there is more choice, and when you’re wedding shopping that’s really important. I did most of my shopping in Phagwara, Patiala, Nakador, Mehatpur and Nurmahal. As I hadn’t been India for a good few years, it was so exciting to see just how much the country had changed and progressed and although I haven’t always had great memories of India this time round I really did love it. I’d go back tomorrow if I could.

The weather was just about right, cool in the mornings and evenings and fairly hot during the day, but nothing you couldn’t handle. The last few days started to become far too hot so I’m glad I managed to go when I did and despite trying my best I have come back with quite an epic tan and surprisingly I’m someone who doesn’t really like getting a tan. I guess most of the time we were either in the car or in a shop so the weather wasn’t really much of an issue, although I’ve come back home and I now think it’s freezing.

I wish I’d had the chance to keep a daily diary or something but I decided it would be best to have a series of posts when I’m back, so there is quite a few wedding related hauls and posts going up soon, but not to worry there will still be lots of makeup!

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