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I feel like a kid at Christmas.. I just couldn’t resist temptation any more and I may have caved and splurged on some Nars goodies, but wait, just stop and look at how beautiful they are. Whenever I see someone using a Nars product I can never quite believe how amazing they look. My love for minimal typographic design and sleek matte packaging probably has something to do with my love affair for the brand but recently I’ve been lusting after the Velvet Matte pencils..

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 21.50.20My first splurge comes in the form of this Adult Content Blush palette priced at £30 you might think I’m crazy but I couldn’t resist the chance to try out 4 iconic Nars products – I know this is the start of slippery slope as I already have my eyes on some more Nars palettes – the palette includes Zen, Miss Liberty, Desire and Deep Throat. I fell in love with these colours as soon as I saw them and I’m having to justify the purchase by convincing myself that it’s the perfect cheek palette for travel..

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 22.23.47Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 21.50.05 Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 22.23.53My second splurge came in the form of this lip set which isn’t actually listed on the website anymore. Titled the ‘Makeup your mind, express yourself Lips’ I knew it was worth spending £47 to try out these 4 amazing products. What I wanted more than anything was the velvet matte pencil in ‘Dolce Vita’ but I am in love with the other lip products too. The set includes a pure matte lipstick in ‘Bangkok’, lipgloss in ‘Orgasm’ and matte lipstick in ‘Roman Holiday’. I’ve kept the velvet matte lip pencil on my dressing table and it has become my go to lip colour as honestly for the first time it’s the perfect my lips but better shade. I decided to keep the palette and the other lip products in my post wedding makeup stash as I honestly think the combination is perfect for travel.

My Nars purchases did also land me with a spending ban as I realised that I really needed to calm down on the beauty front, and of course my good friend Jigna has permission to slap me should I break my ban!

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