e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer

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During my recent e.l.f haul I picked up this Mineral Infused Face Primer, I had tried the original clear version a while back and actually really liked it however it wasn’t long till I caved and purchased the Benefit Porefessional. This time round I realised they now did it in 3 more colours, green, lavender and a creamy golden colour. I was quite interested in seeing the difference between them.

“Radiant Glow is ideal for creating a luminizing effect on dark spots and uneven skin tones.
Tone Adjusting Green is ideal for minimising redness and correcting blotchy skin.
Brightening Lavender is ideal for uneven skin tones and to brighten dull or yellow tones”

After reading what the different colours I did I felt like the best option for me would be to go for the green one, I agree it probably looks like snot on the back of my hand – I’m being honest.. – Having patches of redness and uneven skin tones I thought the green would help balance the skin tone and reduce any harsh redness. I’ve been using this for just over 2 weeks and I have to say I really do love it. The formula is quite runny compared to the original clear one but I still really like it as it blends into the skin as well as creating a nice smooth layer over the skin ready to apply your base. You really do need a small amount as sometimes I find when you apply too much of any primer you find that your makeup almost begins to slide of your skin.

I don’t know whether the primer helps my foundation last any longer but I find that it creates a nice clean base for my skin. It smooths over any pores and actually helps my foundation blend more easily into my skin. At £6 It’s not going to break the bank and I would say it’s worth trying if your looking to try a new primer. I haven’t used my Benefit porefessional since and to be honest I would rather repurchase this.

You can check out the Mineral Infused Primer here.

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