Real Techniques Starter Set | Review

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I’ve always been a huge lover of Real Techniques brushes, personally for the price you’re paying the quality is beyond amazing. When I first purchased the core collection, the buffing brush changed the way I applied my makeup and most surprisingly I couldn’t believe how good my foundation looked. Since then I’ve found it hard to love any other brushes as much as my Real Techniques ones. Recently I’ve been wanting a angled brow brush so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pick up this starter set.. (And yes I committed the ultimate beauty blogger sin by photographing my brushes after I had used them..)Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 22.12.34The set includes 5 brushes and retails at around £20, luckily I picked mine up for £15 on Amazon. I fill in my brows on a daily basis so a decent brow brush is essential for me, and this one hasn’t disappointed. The larger blending brush I use for concealer and it’s perfect for concealing any small blemishes and creating a flawless finish under your eyes. I’m not one for using cream eyeliner but since having this eyeliner brush I’ve been converted to using my elf cream eyeliner, the brush allows you to have perfect precision and it makes it so quick and easy to apply. The fluffy brush is great for blending, although in all honesty I haven’t worn enough eyeshadow to comment on it fully, but if the other brushes are anything to go by I know I will love it. Finally the smallest brush of the 5 is perfect for applying shadow under your eyes, I often wear a nude/brown shadow under the eyes and the brush allows me to be quite precise and easily blend out the shadow too.

I can’t get enough of these brushes, for the price you can’t go wrong, and you will not regret buying them.. you need them in your life. Seriously.

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