MUA Mini Haul

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When I saw these lip colours on the MUA website I got far too excited, as a lover of the Revlon just bitten kissable balm stains, I’m always looking for products that are similar. I opted for the shades Broken hearted & Irreplaceable. I wasn’t expecting too much from them but was actually really surprised..

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The colours are quite sheer and not as pigmented as I would expect but then it does say that it is a tint and balm so I guess the colour is never going to be as bold. I was expecting the shades I got to be quite different but in fact both are quite pink and incredibly glossy. What I love most about them that is that they don’t just sit on top of your lips, and the colour can be quite varied depending on the colour of your lips. They have a very similar minty smell to the Revlon equivalent which I personally like. I’m yet to try them out for a full day but from what I’ve tested the colour, texture and staying power so far is really good. I quite like that it is glossy as a lot of products tend to dry out on my lips. I’m looking forward to giving these a good go, although seeing as they’re glossy I’m not sure whether I love it as something to wear on a daily basis, I prefer a more matte finish on my lips most of the time.

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The packaging is so similar to the Revlon version, and actually I have noticed that MUA do tend copy a lot of existing products out there, including their highlighter (which I haven’t really used since I got it purely because it is very purple toned which does nothing for my skin!) And I know that they’re launching new nail colours with the bottles looking somewhat like the Essie ones. Hmm.

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 20.21.29 Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 20.21.36 Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 20.21.40

My next purchase was the eyeshadow trios which I have been eyeing up for quite a while. I wanted to pick some colours that I didn’t already have in my collection (Which is mainly made of nude and natural shades..) But despite this I still picked Chocolate box, which has two gorgeous browns and a peachy highlight colour. I was more excited for Blue babe, seeing as I didn’t have any blue shades in my collection I thought it would be nice to try out. Having swatched the colours, I can’t believe how pigmented they are and they blend really easily too which I’m quite happy with as I had colours that are really chalky, but for the price I am so far very impressed.

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 20.21.44My final buy was the MUA Nail Quake in black, which is the equivalent of the Barry M crackle. I’m yet to give this a good go, but as soon as I’ve tried it I’ll be letting you know.

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One thought on “MUA Mini Haul

  1. MUA copies A LOT 😉 I think they’re taking the term “dupe” to a whole new level, hehe.

    I have that quack nail polish, they were sending them out for free with their 40% promo back in December. It’s quite nice! 🙂

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