Foundation routine.

Dare I say it I have finally found a foundation routine that works and doesn’t cling to dry flakey bits in my skin.. RESULT. As I have probably mentioned 4762904958 times already I have combination skin, so I have a oily t-zone but then my cheeks and the sides of my forehead get really dry, this is usually because of the weather or because I’m trying out different products, and mostly because I don’t drink enough water.. And this means when I apply foundation to my face I look like an idiot because my skin is pretty much just peeling off my face. Attractive or what.

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The products that I use are e.l.f mineral infused face primer, Bourjois healthy mix serum in shade 56, Illamasqua light liquid foundation in 210, and the rimmel stay matte powder in 001 transparent.

When I first used the e.l.f primer I’ll be honest I hated it. It felt so slimey on my skin but since mixing it with my foundation it has been amazing. Most days I will use either the healthy mix or the light liquid foundation but I also love mixing them to create the best shade for my skin. I apply a squirt of each of the products onto the back of my hand and just mix them together with the real techniques buffing brush and then start by dabbing them onto my face, making sure the product is evenly applied and then in a swirly motion, you know swirling the brush around my face I make sure it is blended in.. especially down my neck. I’m not really a fan of powder as it does nothing for my skin, but a tiny amount of the rimmel stay matte powder on my t-zone works wonders. Love it.

I’m hoping this combination of products continue to work for my skin and overall my skin has been feeling a lot better than before, I think thats down to my current skincare routine but also because I don’t have a heavy layer of product on my skin as the primer makes the foundation more liquid like (than it already is..) and doesn’t create a cakey finish.

By the way – I haven’t included concealers in this post because well they deserve a whole post of their own. But I tend use the benefit boi-ing in 03, maybelline dream lumi touch in 03 sand and of course the collection lasting perfection concealer in deep 04. Full review on each of them soon..

Processbeauty xo

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