Daily skincare routine.

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Over the past week or two I’ve noticed that my skin has been a lot better – although it has been really dry I have had less break outs and not suffered from any major blemishes either. I do still have some minor acne scarring but even this is starting to improve lately. I kind of went back to some old skincare favourites and as you can probably see I have been loving the simple spotless skin anti blemish moisturiser. I don’t know why I ever stopped using it but it has been amazing for my skin. I’ve used up two tubes and I’ll be repurchasing another one asap!

My morning skincare routine is pretty much using the Liz Earle cleanse and polish with the hot cloth cleanser and then applying the simple moisturiser. Whereas in the evening I use a face wipe to remove the bulk of my makeup and then go in with the cleanse and polish – although I have been mixing in a bit of the roc cleanser into it too. Just because my skin has been dry and the cleanser doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and flakey afterwards. I then moisturise with either the simple or olay one. The olay one I used to use in the past but have only recently repurchased and have fallen back in love with it.

I was really excited to get the La roche posay effaclar duo – after I used up the effaclar k and I have been really loving it more as a targeted moisturiser rather than all of my face. I tend to apply a little bit on any blemishes that I feel are appearing and usually by the morning it has gone – which is amazing. I find that the effaclar duo does dry my skin out slightly so don’t particularly like using it all over my face as it just leaves me skin flakey – which is pain when trying to apply foundation (Talking of foundation I have found the perfect combination.. post about it soon!)

I think this is the first time in a really long time that I have found the perfect combination for my skin and I’m really excited that it works. I’ll be doing a full review of the effaclar duo but I think I need to give it some more time first..

Processbeauty xo

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